Torah Fund

Torah Fund/Sisterhood Shabbat will be
Saturday, 6th of Sh’vat, 5779 / January 12, 2019.

We are proud to announce our 2018-2019 Honoree,
Shawn Stern Frank

This year’s Torah Fund theme is “Atid”, which in Hebrew means “future”. Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is entering its second century; Torah Fund is beginning their 77th year and our beloved State of Israel enters its 71st year.   When classical rabbinic texts speak of the future using the word “Atid”, it will usually appear in the phrase “le’atid lavo,” which means “in the future to come.”   As we move towards 5779, how do you envision your personal future and the future of your family?  The future of Congregation Anshai Torah? The future of our country and Israel?

Torah Fund 5779 (2018 – 2019)


The 5779 Torah Fund pin [which can be worn as a necklace] is now available [as pictured above] and envelopes the Hebrew word “Atid” with a stylized Magen David. To inquire about making a pledge to become a benefactor for Torah Fund and receive this absolutely gorgeous pin, please contact Amy Leibowitz; you can also contact co-chairs Ferne Farkas or Sharon Ginchansky – send email inquiries to

All checks for Torah Fund donations need to be made out to “Torah Fund” and mailed to Sheila Stern [see Shul directory for her address].

For the past several years, funds raised by Torah Fund have gone toward scholarships to all the schools. There are continuing opportunities for sisterhoods and individuals to provide support to all four institutions through Torah Fund. Thousands of dedicated volunteers have contributed to the spiritual, esthetic and material well-being of these educational communities by supporting Torah Fund projects.

Women’s League’s support of the Torah Fund Campaign helps strengthen Conservative/Masorti Judaism throughout the world and enhances the Jewish community by recognizing and appreciating our diverse families. For more information about Women’s League, please visit their website at

Torah Fund cards are available for purchase.  All proceeds go directly to Torah Fund. To purchase a Torah Fund card, please contact Sherry Lynn Rubin.  Send email inquiries to