Preschool . . . a great beginning

  • March 01, 2015

    Preschool . . . a great beginning


    The Anshai Torah Preschool Difference


    We have just started our registration process. Every student that enrolls by March 31 will be able to take advantage of our Early Bird Tuition pricing which includes a 5% discount. We have many new options including tuition that combines 10 weeks of the summer and the school year. The excitement in the building is contagious and if you have not heard what Anshai Torah Preschool has to offer, just ask any one of us.

    When you drop off your child for their school day, they are enveloped into our inquiry based learning center- a center of individualized attention and differentiated instruction for every age. We offer an integrated curriculum that develops a sound foundation and nurtures the whole child. 

    Anshai Torah Preschool has developed our philosophy from well-researched and documented early childhood philosophies. Concepts introduced are continually reviewed and revisited. Anshai Torah’s curriculum allows children to pursue their own interests and fascinations in subjects. Students are actively engaged in learning, where they ask questions and make decisions about their activities. Our students can enjoy the satisfaction of self-motivated learning during which their curiosity can be expressed purposely.

    The Anshai Torah Preschool Difference:

     - Advanced on-the-spot learning opportunities

     - Impassioned Staff

     - More Days for increased educational value

     - Dedicated Holiday programming

     - Combined Summer & School Year tuitions

     - Dynamic specialty classes enriching the mind and body

    We are waiting with open arms to welcome you into our Early Childhood home.