Hurricane Harvey Relief

Dear haverim,

The amount of destruction we have witnessed in south Texas over the course of the past few days has simply been astounding.  Our hearts and prayers are extended to all who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.  As the staggering amount of loss and need continues to multiply we urge every member of the congregation to consider making a contribution to assist in the recovery effort.  We are forwarding the following memo from the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas to ease our ability to make a monetary contribution.  Additionally, if you are willing to host a family from south Texas or know of a family in need of a place to stay for a period of time please contact us.  We will be in touch with Jewish Family Service to coordinate our efforts. 

Thank you, in advance for demonstrating what it means to be supportive of each other in a time of need- the Jewish definition of “g’milut hasadim- deeds of lovingkindness.”


Rabbi Stefan Weinberg

Rabbi Michael Kushnick  

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Thank you!