Donations and/or Payments

Payment Instructions:

Note: Dnt = Donations; Pmt = Payments

We accept payments for membership dues, religious and preschool dues, events, etc.  The options include:

Pmt-General Synagogue, Pmt-Religious School, Pmt-Preschool, Pmt-Kitchen, Pmt-B'nai Mitzvah

  1. Click on "Other $" and type in a dollar amount
  2. Under "Ear-Mark Funds To", click on the pull-down arrow to show the list, scroll down, and choose one of the above payment options - note the list is in alphabetical order
  3. Last, in the Notes section, let us know specifically what the payment is for or any other details you wish to provide. 
  4. Complete the rest of the information for credit card payment - before submitting make sure the credit card info is correct
  5. Thank you

Donation Instructions:

Note: Dnt = Donations; Pmt = Payments

  1. We hope that most of this page will be self-explanatory.
  2. The items listed in the "Amount" section are general highlighted items.  Please only choose Kiddush Sponsorship if you intend to earmark your donation for this purpose.  This is a fixed $36 item.  You would follow by choosing the same item under the "Ear-Mark Funds to" section.
  3. If you desire to donate $36 or any other amount, but wish to earmark your donation to something other than Kiddush Sponsorship,  then under "Amount". please click on "Other $" , enter 36, then under "Ear-Mark Funds to" choose a fund other than the fixed dollar items listed.
  4. Please use the "Notes" section to provide us with any clarifications or specific instructions.  For example, please note who the donation is for and who should be recognized.
  5. Please make sure to fill out all the fields, especially those with an * asterisk in it - you will be prompted in the event you miss some. 
  6. Rest assured that your credit card payment will be processed via a secure interface with our payment provider  None of your credit card information is stored on our website for your protection.
  7. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send email to:

Thank you for your payment and/or donation.


Amount* Tree of Life - Rock - $540
Memorial Plaque - Glass - $400
Memorial Plaque - Bronze - $360
Tree of Life - Leaf - $180
Kiddush Sponsorship - $36
Other $
Ear-Mark Funds to:*
Anonymous Yes No

Items marked with * are required fields